A masterclass on emotion regulation

• How regulate your nervous system
• How to feel safe in your body as you go after your desires
• How to feel worthy in your body holding new levels of income, prosperity and impact
• How to feel safe no matter your surroundings
• How to feel calm in the face of fear
• How to build compassion and genuine connection
• Tools to control your fight or flight response 

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Resources you'll receive: 

• Breakdown of the nervous system states so you can become aware of their impact
• Toolkit to regulate your nervous system
• A guided meditation to calm your nervous system

What you'll learn:

The Details

Saturday May 15th 11am-12pm MST: Unshakeable Self Love

Becoming your biggest cheerleader is paramount to easily attracting your desires and bringing more joy into your life. In this module, we will work through how to always meet yourself with compassion through any chapter of life, how you can overcome imposter syndrome and comparisonitis to succeed with your unique gifts,  and how to come into your own alignment and wisdom. 

This masterclass is hosted by Jennifer Anders and Sydney Smith. You will leave this masterclass understanding the fundamentals of emotion regulation and understand how to apply it to career growth. 

• 1 hour and thirty minutes of teachings and exercises
• Lifetime access to the recording
• Access to Sydney and Jenn to ask questions that arise for one week following purchase

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Meet Sydney 

A mindset coach on a mission to help people live a life of freedom and fulfillment. 

I’ve seen TOO many entrepreneurs hold themselves back from the next level due to doubt and fear winning over. And I've been there too. 

But this DOES NOT have to be your experience.

I am here to show you another way where you can pair mindset with strategy to reach your next level. 

Dr. Jennifer Anders, Psy.D, is a Licensed Psychologist specializing in Anxiety.

She has experience working with individuals using cognitive behavioral techniques to help with anxiety, depression, and emotion regulation.

She seeks to empower individuals by providing them with the tools and knowledge to be anxiety-free and aligned in their relationships & careers.

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