It's time to step into your inner alignment and burst through to the next level of business you’ve been dreaming of

Elevate into Prosperity is a 60-day course and group program that will help you get out of your own damn way so you can earn with ease and step into your next level. 

This course consisting of 8 LIVE modules and 8 Q&A calls will teach you how to transform your money mindset and give you the tools to remove resistance so you can step into the life you've been dreaming of. 

• FREE Future Self Meditation

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• Early access to 1:1 support via voxer

• 1 extra Q&A call with Sydney

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"My work with Sydney was a complete game-changer. In just an hour, we unpacked a lot of the mindset blocks I've been dealing with since I started freelancing full-time. Her perspective and guidance helped me uncover the core of what was stopping me, and I left the session feeling recharged. She helped me figure out how to shift my vibration — and it worked. Within two hours after our session ended I had another new business opportunity waiting in my inbox. Thank you, Syd!!"

- Kat A.


Everything Sydney said during our work together was SO helpful! Even as someone who has been on this mindset and manifestation journey for some time, she has so much brilliant wisdom to offer! In our session we worked through boundaries and just a couple days after, I was able to let go of a toxic client and take on a dream client at $5k"

- Jenn A. 

Sydney made me feel completely at ease while working with her! She listened to every point I brought up and asked great follow-up questions in response. These questions allowed me to realize more about why I have certain blocks and how those blocks can negatively impact my mood and overall work. Sydney provided key insights which helped me instantly change some of my negative mindsets. She also gave me some exercises to do so I can continue to actively work on removing these blocks. After my Intensive session with Sydney, I was able to approach a challenge with a current project with new found optimism rather than thinking that I couldn't do it. I highly recommend working with Sydney as she will positively impact your business and most importantly your mindset! 

- Celeste Z.

Sydney is such a beautiful soul who helped guide me through my first Intensive. I had an eye opening and honest conversation with her that allowed me to dig deeper into how I feel and what I’m looking to achieve with my goals. She made me feel at ease and allowed me to open up in ways I didn’t know I could. Since then, I’ve used the tools she provided to help me with my mindset and get closer to achieving my goals. I highly recommend her because she not only listens, but also provides great insight and advice.

- Aylin O.

Sydney has helped me SO much with my mindset, especially around money. In February, I had leveled up my business and saw a huge increase in sales, which naturally made me both excited and nervous that I might lose the momentum. Every single time I had any negative or limiting belief, Sydney knew EXACTLY what to say and how to help me reframe my mindset. I know mindset is an ongoing journey, but I wouldn't be where I am today without Sydney

- Corinne E. 

“This container was the exact reset I needed at this time in my life. Unpacking these thought patterns is never easy, but with Sydney’s unwavering 1-on-1 support and reassurance, it was more achievable. My relationship with money (and myself) has become much more open than I presumed it to be already, and I even received an unexpected raise at my 9-5 with her practices. I am confident that this is just the start and I have Sydney to thank for gifting me with these tools moving forward to continue this progress on my own.”

- Kinsey H. 

Working within the container Sydney created for Elevate into Prosperity not only helped me get more in touch with my money stories, but with MYSELF! I signed up for this course because I was beginning a journey of opening a business and wanted some guidance navigating my energetic ties with money.

From meditations, to journal prompts, to one on one support, Sydney provided so much value to my life as I embarked on the beginning stages of creating something from scratch. She not only is wise, and experienced in building a business that can help you THRIVE, but she has the most calming energy, and truly holds the most beautiful space.

Our three months together were truly a spiritual experience and I felt I gained such a beautiful friend, and am forever grateful for what she has poured into my life. Elevate into Prosperity helped me release shame, get to know myself deeper, and geared me with tools to continue to enhance my confidence and own my unique expression. Thank you Sydney, I love you! 

-Taylor M.