It's time to step into your inner alignment and burst through to the next level of business you’ve been dreaming of

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There's a way to do business by your design. 

A way you can do work you love and make good money doing it. 

A way you can show up authentically as yourself and receive. 

Receive the dream clients, the money and make a massive impact. 

There's a way that allows you to move through blocks with ease.

A way that takes you out of scarcity and elevates you into prosperity. 

I found that way, and I want to teach you how.

Time to step into consistent income in your business

Time to release the thought that you don’t have what it takes

Time to stop letting imposter syndrome and comparison derail your progress

Time to stop doubting your work and step into feelings of worthiness

Time to stop wasting your time on PDFs and webinars promising you the ONE strategy to be successful online

Time to tune into your own power and burst through to the life and business you’ve been dreaming of

I know what it feels like to be on the hamster wheel with your business. The ups and downs are exhausting.
But it is time...

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You were meant for more. It is time for you to step into a way of business that allows you to easily attract income. 

This course consisting of 8 modules taught LIVE and 8 Q&A calls will teach you how to transform your money mindset. 

I am giving you all the tools you need to remove blocks that have been holding you back so you can step into your next level. 

We will dive deep throughout 4 stages: 

Getting Clear on Your Desires 

Rewiring any Resistance

Taking Action to Move Forward

Embodying your Next Level

Elevate into Prosperity is a 60-day group program that will help you increase your income with ease.

Hey there! I'm Sydney 

An intuitive business coach on a mission to help people live a life of freedom and fulfillment. 

After scaling my business to consistent five figure months,  I realized that there's a lot of strategies that can amplify your business, but if you don’t have the foundational belief in yourself and a solid money mindset, it won’t be enough to help you reach success.

I’ve seen TOO many entrepreneurs hold themselves back from the next level due to doubt and fear winning over. And I've been there. 

I know what it’s like to know you are capable of more but feel blocked from that next level. To live in comparison and feel like you're missing something that the other successful people online have. 

But this DOES NOT have to be your experience.

You can sign up for a new reality. One where income is consistent.

Where dream clients come quickly and easily.

Where you have so much confidence in your work.

What would this feel like instead?

Freeing, flowy, calm?

That’s what it felt like for me.

And I am on a mission to show other entrepreneurs that there is another option.

That we can ditch the struggle.

And that is what Elevate into Prosperity is all about.

Before I took the leap into entrepreneurship, Sydney helped me in healing my relationship to money and pushed me to visualize my business success at an entirely new level. 

She helped me elevate beyond a feast-or-famine mentality before I even started freelancing--and working with her was so expansive + impactful that I was able to call in                  in revenue in my first month as an LLC. 

Working with Sydney from the get-go of my freelancing journey helped me surpass so many myths that hold women entrepreneurs back, getting my business on track for aggressive growth from the start. I couldn't recommend her more for anyone looking to quantum-shift how things get to work for them."

- Carly C.


"Working with Sydney is without a doubt one of the greatest things that could have ever happened to my business.

The Details

Module One: Money Mindset 101

The framework that will guide the whole course! In this module I teach you how to get clear on your desires and how to heal the stories holding you back.  This process allows for you to become the observer and find the blocks in your mind so you can become a magnet to your desires. 

Module Two: Rewiring the Resistance

Now that we are aware of the blocks, we have to learn how to remove them. In this module we dive into tools you can use each day to eliminate these stories and tap into your next level. 

Module Four: Moving Through Fear

Fear is a part of the process that will naturally come up, so let's tackle it head on. You will learn how to dismiss fear and invite in trust instead so you can conquer your goals, self doubt be damned. 

Module Three: Energetic Minimums

This tool is what helped me to catapult my income in 2020 and has helped clients bump up their income each month. I will teach you how to leverage this practice to reach your desired income goals

Module Six: Becoming Your Biggest Cheerleader

In order to achieve your goals, you need to be on your own team. This module will teach you how to stop any spirals of comparison and imposter syndrome that arise so you can get out of your own damn way. 

Module Five: Aligned Action

In this module you will learn how to take action that actually moves the needle in your business. Your business should feel f*cking good, so this module will teach you how to tap into inspired action to build a business you love.  

Module Eight: Quantum Leaping

In this module you'll learn all about the Law of Attraction and how to bring joy into your business so you attract your desires with ease. We will also talk through how to use these tools at every level. 

In this module we will talk through the science behind the quantum field and how you can tap into the realm of infinite possibilities. 

Module Seven: Embodying Your Next Level

8 Modules taught LIVE and delivered to your course portal for lifetime access

Everything that is Included:

($2000 Value)

8 Question and answer sessions to support you personally  with anything coming up during the course

($3000 Value)

Three month 1:1 support via voxer to answer your more urgent questions 

($3000 Value)

Journal prompts and affirmations included with each module 

($500 Value)

Total Value: $8500

"My work with Sydney was a complete game-changer. In just an hour, we unpacked a lot of the mindset blocks I've been dealing with since I started freelancing full-time. Her perspective and guidance helped me uncover the core of what was stopping me, and I left the session feeling recharged. She helped me figure out how to shift my vibration — and it worked. Within two hours after our session ended I had another new business opportunity waiting in my inbox. Thank you, Syd!!"

- Kat A.


Everything Sydney said during our work together was SO helpful! Even as someone who has been on this mindset and manifestation journey for some time, she has so much brilliant wisdom to offer! In our session we worked through boundaries and just a couple days after, I was able to let go of a toxic client and take on a dream client at $5k"

- Jenn A. 

Sydney is such a beautiful soul who helped guide me through my first Intensive. I had an eye opening and honest conversation with her that allowed me to dig deeper into how I feel and what I’m looking to achieve with my goals. She made me feel at ease and allowed me to open up in ways I didn’t know I could. Since then, I’ve used the tools she provided to help me with my mindset and get closer to achieving my goals. I highly recommend her because she not only listens, but also provides great insight and advice.

- Aylin O.

Before EIP, I was really struggling with my money mindset... and actually just my mindset in general. I had my head wrapped around this idea that "the other shoe always has to drop" - ie. that everything happens to neutralize me and that I could never experience something great without something negative coming along with it.

My mindset has improved greatly throughout (and since) EIP. Obviously, mindset work is never complete, but I feel more confident in myself, more aligned with my higher self and the Universe, and am more open to calling in and receiving money.

EIP has impacted me greatly in my everyday life. It helped me realize the money stories that I tell myself every day and has helped me target, reshape, and rewrite those stories to make a more abundant reality for myself.

- Corinne E. 

“This container was the exact reset I needed at this time in my life. Unpacking these thought patterns is never easy, but with Sydney’s unwavering 1-on-1 support and reassurance, it was more achievable. My relationship with money (and myself) has become much more open than I presumed it to be already, and I even received an unexpected raise at my 9-5 with her practices. I am confident that this is just the start and I have Sydney to thank for gifting me with these tools moving forward to continue this progress on my own.”

- Kinsey H. 

Working within the container Sydney created for Elevate into Prosperity not only helped me get more in touch with my money stories, but with MYSELF! I signed up for this course because I was beginning a journey of opening a business and wanted some guidance navigating my energetic ties with money.

From meditations, to journal prompts, to one on one support, Sydney provided so much value to my life as I embarked on the beginning stages of creating something from scratch. She not only is wise, and experienced in building a business that can help you THRIVE, but she has the most calming energy, and truly holds the most beautiful space.

Our three months together were truly a spiritual experience and I felt I gained such a beautiful friend, and am forever grateful for what she has poured into my life. Elevate into Prosperity helped me release shame, get to know myself deeper, and geared me with tools to continue to enhance my confidence and own my unique expression. Thank you Sydney, I love you! 

-Taylor M. 

This program was the best experience ever! Probably the fastest I’ve ever felt safe to be vulnerable in a group. Which is crucial if you’re trying to do mindset work. Also had my highest revenue months ever during this period ⚡️

Krista W. 

Before I started this program I was feeling overwhelmed, stuck in scarcity and wasn’t sure where to take action. Now I have so much clarity on where I’m headed! I feel like I am actually moving the needle in my business and the action I’m taking is actually in alignment with the lifestyle I desire. I actually believe my goals and dreams are possible. I’ve removed the stress and scarcity around money and started asking for what I want/need - which has really helped in so many areas of my life.

Katelyn W. 

When does the course start?


While everything I teach in this course has seen massive results for my clients and myself, these practices only work if you work them. For this reason, I cannot guarantee specific results. 

What is voxer and how will it be used?

More Questions? Email for help!

Please note that all payments are final and non-refundable and for clients choosing to pay on a payment plan, you are responsible for completing the terms of your payment plan even if you do not finish the program.

Our first module starts on November 1st! Our calls will be every Monday at 11am MST and Q&A calls will be every Wednesday at 11am MST to support you with learning the material. 

Can you guarantee specific results?

Voxer is a voice memo and messaging app that will allow us to communicate throughout the program. The program will include 1:1 access and a group with me in it to answer your questions that I will check once a day. 

YES! This program will help you get your business started with ease. I am teaching you all of the mindset frameworks I wish I would've had when getting started. It took me two years into business to implement these, and when I did, my business took off. 

Is this program applicable if I don't have a business yet?